Gwenkanit Promchak - O'Natural Spa PhuketFrom the folk wisdom of a quiet town to the finest quality products made in Phuket for delivery worldwide, we would like to introduce the person behind the amazing story of O’Natural products.
Khun Gwenkenit Promchak (Gwen) the owner of O’Natural spa products grew up in the quite town of Chiang Khong in the northern part of Thailand. The lifestyle is one that we can only imagine today. Her mom was able to run the household using things found in their own garden.
There were chickens in the field, fish in the backyard pond and a wide variety of vegetables and herbs in the garden. Anything that might be lacking in our own garden was gladly provided by neighbors as everyone in the community was happy to share with each other.
“I grew up in a friendly neighborhood where everyone knew everyone else. Though we were not really related, we all took care of each other like real relatives.” recalls Khun Gwen. “Everything came from our garden with no pesticides, chemicals or other artificial additives ever used in our kitchen. I believe that today many health conscious people long for the all-natural lifestyle of the old days.”
Later in her teen years she experienced the fast pace of big city living. Having no herb garden, eating out often and pre-made foods made her homesick for her childhood of natural living. At one point she realized that the city lifestyle was something she did not want to endure any longer. Remembering the things that she had learned from her mom was the inspiration of her idea to make her own all natural products.
“I looked at the products available on the shelves and saw that there were plenty of harmful ingredients that I didn’t want to use. I thought of what a great improvement it would be to have products made from beneficial herbs. I thought, “Why don’t I make those products myself?” It all started with a small quantity of homemade products that I used myself and shared with my family and friends to try also. “They loved it!” Khun Gwen said.
It was the phenomenal feed-back that she received from her family and friends both in Thailand and abroad that gave her the idea of starting her own small business.
Khun Gwen also noted that, “I had a good team available since my colleague is a chemist. He was a big help with all of our herbal ingredients.”
Khun Gwen started off selling a few household products in a small corner of a local souvenir shop called Porntip. From there the demand for O’Natural products increased each month to a very impressive amount. Her market has expanded since then to several outlets around Phuket including JungCeylon, Siam Spa, Porntip shop and also to the nearby locations of Khaolak and Krabi province. O’Natural spa products are now available in several five-star hotels in Phuket such as JW Marriott, Le Méridien, Club Med, Kalima, Holiday Inn, Sea Pearl, Sea Sun Sand and many more. The products are well received by customers and are also regularly exported to Russia, China, Myanmar and Ukraine.
Even now, she has kept the character of O’Natural products true to its origins. All products are freshly made-to- order so customers receive only the finest quality. O’Natural products are preservative-free,-PPG-free, silicone free while we take special care to use only the safest chemicals. Most importantly, there is never any animal testing with O’Natural. “The products are tested by our own family” , she added.